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Boston - Fort Point, MA


    The Fort Point/Seaport District is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Boston, with construction and cranes dotting the skyline and waterfront. The neighborhood is located where a Fort stood in colonial times to guard the city and is officially a Landmark District in the City of Boston.

The area was first developed by the Boston Wharf Company in the mid to late 1800's mainly for warehousing and manufacturing. The Company laid out the streets from scratch and then named most of them for Company officers or important tenants. Many of the buildings were used for the production and storage of wool.

    When that industry declined many buildings were abandoned until artists gradually started to occupy the loft spaces. While artists are still a large part of the character of the neighborhood, more recently more apartments and companies have settled into the area. Fort Point/Seaport is the home of Harpoon, Trillium and Row 34, making it what one magazine called the Hub of Boston's beer scene.

    Before becoming a full-time Beer Geek, Barry was another type of geek, a Certified Public Accountant. In that role Barry enjoyed creating spreadsheets, adding up numbers and filing papers in an organized fashion. Barry is married to Maria, the owner of Miss Maria's School of Dance in nearby Watertown, MA and father to Max (a college student) and Rachel (a high school student).

    Barry has run more than 20 marathons including Boston, New York, Chicago, London and Berlin. He once ran three marathons in three weeks (and then was burned out for the rest of the year). In the warmer months plays Ultimate with his summer club team.

    Barry's favorite beer is often the most recent beer he's tried. He loves the variety of beers available now, and the innovation in this growing industry. He truly believes that someone who doesn't like beer simply just has not found the right beer for them yet.